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Data Harmonization Projects

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As business grows, your system landscape also grows due to new applications, expansion to other regions, or new systems from an acquisition. This also entails changes in business requirements that can include legal changes, re-organizations, and remodeling of your entire landscape. For such fragmented systems, there is a significant potential for optimization.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

− Areas for SLO/ data harmonization in SAP Financials and Logistics

− Benefits of data harmonization 

− Customer and vendor harmonization

− Fiscal Year harmonization

− Chart of accounts conversions

− Using data harmonization as a roadmap for system consolidation

− Typical project set-up, challenges & durations



Meet our speaker:
kees_van turnhout.jpg

Kees Van Turnhout
Solution Center Lead at Datavard

Kees has 20 years of experience managing project architecture and scoping for projects in the System Landscape Optimization (SLO) area, including divestitures, organizational structure changes, merging or splitting systems.