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Three Steps to Digital Transformation:
Simplify, Automate and Modernize Your SAP Systems

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New technologies and the big data flood have opened up new possibilities for enterprises. New advancements empower them to become intelligent organizations, making the most out of their data with smarter and automated processes. But there is a catch - you need to start your digital transformation strategy with the core, focusing on simplifying your IT infrastructure and modernizing SAP systems.

Are you ready to stop talking about “historical reasons”, “lack of resources” and “manual effort”? In this webinar, we will explain how to take action and prepare your core systems for digital transformation in three steps:

  • Simplify IT infrastructure by building a data lake

  • Automate tasks (housekeeping, archiving, offloading, decommissioning) to keep your systems lean and save on resources

  • Modernize your IT landscape and transform to S/4HANA, the fastest platform available for your data



Jan Meszaros

Service Line Manager at Datavard

Jan is one of the service line managers at Datavard, responsible mainly for the data management area. He has been working as consultant, developer, project manager and team lead in countless SAP data management projects to transform, optimize and reduce TCO of complex SAP landscapes.