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From One Month to One Day: Speed Up Your Projects with Automation

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Whether you are migrating systems, do upgrades or run any other kind of change projects, testing is certainly one of the crucial parts. But how can you make sure that not only your systems are running properly after the process but also the data is still there and correct? Manual data validation is a tedious and time consuming task, for end users and also for IT. That's why many companies decide to just run sample testing and simply assume that the rest of data is fine.

Still, there is a safer and faster way to prove data correctness and BW System relevance.

Learn how to secure data lineage and speed up the process of validating 100% of your SAP data with minimal effort and time. Our Expert will also cover: 

  • key challenges of running data validation
  • how to complete testing with validation
  • advantages of automated testing

Register to view the recording of the webinar and discover how to reduce testing duration from days to hours in your next project.

Meet our speaker:
martin krivicka round.jpg

Martin Krivicka 

Product Manager at Datavard

Martin is an experienced consultant and has participated in various SAP Business transformation projects including system migration and consolidation projects to BW on HANA, where validation of data was a crucial part of the project’s success. Martin is a Product Manager of Datavard Validate, a solution for automated validation of SAP data.