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Dealing with Legacy SAP Data: 
System Decommissioning and Retention Management
Audience: everyone interested in greenfield S/4HANA migration or system decommissioning
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Legacy systems can be a pain to manage – they are cumbersome to maintain, they cost money, and they complicate the IT infrastructure. In this webinar, our expert will show you how to retire legacy data from R/3, mySAP, ECC, and even non-SAP systems to an inexpensive storage while still being able to access data, e.g. for auditing purposes. He will also explain how to manage legacy data, including scenarios such as legal hold, retention rules, and eventual data destruction.

Join this webinar and learn about:

  • TCO reduction with legacy system decommissioning (build a business case)

  • Data extraction and ingestion

  • Legal hold and data destruction


Martin Zlaty

CTO at Datavard Software Division