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Lost in SAP news? We did your homework for you.

Singapore: Date, TBA 

Make your SAP life simple - join this workshop to learn about the most current SAP developments and how Datavard can help to improve your solutions. Meet our experts, ask questions and discover new ways of driving innovation in your SAP landscape.


S/4HANA Transition Approaches
Typical scenarios, pros and cons, and the way out

SAP Data Management
How to manage data growth while reducing TCO

Connect Big Data (Hadoop) and SAP
Feed the SAP landscape with Big Data or go the other way round and build data lakes with your SAP data

System Landscape Analytics
It’s all about health - best ways to track data usage, performance, system history and trends


Meet our experts:



Martin Zlaty
Service Line Manager at Datavard with over 10 years of SAP experience


Tim Oehme
Solution Architect at Datavard