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Stiegelmeyer Archives 85% of Redundant Data

Stiegelmeyer, a leading manufacturer of beds for hospitals, care homes and home care, was dealing with a vast array of internal programs that posed great challenges for their IT department. Performance problems and duplicate data had restricted optimal usage of their systems but with the help of Datavard’s FitnessTest™, extensive system scans identified vulnerabilities and led to recommendations for the IT department to make significant improvements.

Read the complete success story on how Stiegelmeyer managed to:

  • identify and archive 85% of their redundant data 
  • shut down 700 internal programs
  • improve the quality of their master data and operational efficiency.

“The dimensions have exceeded our expectations. Almost half our internal programs are unused and 85 percent of the database is redundant.”
Sebastian Frensemeier, Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG