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Success Story

Shell Migrates Archived Data to New Storage System with Zero Downtime

Energy provider Shell runs one of the biggest BW systems in the world, used for storing and reporting on commercial and financial data. While their data management practices are best in class, Shell was facing a very specific challenge. The provider of their archiving system had announced that their software would be discontinued so Shell needed to figure out how to move their archived data into a new storage system, without reloading data back into their BW system.

Learn how Shell managed to:
  • Migrate 270 TB of archived data directly from discontinued NLS software to SAP IQ NLS with zero downtime

  • Reduce monitoring efforts; which saved 2 additional months of work

  • Comply with strict deadlines


    “Datavard is a company which assigns technical experts to a certain customer in a very personal manner. We could talk directly to the people who helped us immediately. We were never disappointed. And we never waited more than 24 hours for an answer. This was extremely positive.”

- Dr. Ullrich Kessler, Senior IT Project Manager Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH

"This success story is a result of a joint effort of expert teams at Datavard and Shell. We would like to extend special thanks to   Dr. Ullrich Kessler who managed the project at Shell and who helped us greatly with publishing this story."

- Andrea Svecova, International Partner & Sales Account Manager at Datavard