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Business Warehouse fit for HANA

Stuttgart Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany with 10 million travelers passing through per year. Due to increasing demands, performance problems with query times in their BW system were becoming more and more of an issue.  They also had the mid-term plan to migrate the in-memory platform to SAP HANA which they knew they had to get well prepared for. 

Learn how Stuttgart Airport commissioned Datavard to develop a long-term data management strategy and roadmap for SAP HANA migration which resulted in:

Learn how Stuttgart Airport prepared for HANA and:

    • Reducing testing time by 160 hours
    • Compression of SAP BW from 19 TB to 11 TB
    • Compression of archived data from 2.5 TB to 600 GB

 “Thanks to expert advice and support Datavard helped
us to improve our data management and take the right
steps towards implementing SAP HANA.“

Kai Waldner, Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH