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Kion Reduces Business Warehouse by 35%

Due to rollouts and the development of new applications, Kion - market leader for forklift trucks and warehouse technology in Europe - was seeing a rapid increase in system growth. The BW landscape of the leading forklift truck manufacturer had grown to 11TB.  Through the utilization of Datavard OutBoard™ for Analytics and Datavard OutBoard™ for Housekeeping, Kion was successfully able to remove 3.3TB of data.  And what was most exceptional about this project was that the end-user data was not affected throughout the entire project

Learn how Kion managed to:

  • Achieve 90% compression rate
  • Save 3.3 TB of SAP BW storage space
  • Improve upload times to finish 25% faster

“With the help of OutBoard™ for Housekeeping we were able to reduce the system size by 35% in the initial wave of archiving.”

Jens Graef, KION Group IT