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Turning IT Insights into Real-time Actions

What is going on, in your SAP System Landscape?

Webinar: On Demand
Duration: 30 min (incl. Q&A)

Jan Meszaros Speaker: Jan Meszaros 
Service Line Manager, SAP Data Management Consulting

Turn insight into action:

- Build a hot warm and cold concept for Data Management
- Architect and Roadmap your IT Realization Strategy.
- Develop business cases and secure IT investment. 
- Decommission and Retire legacy applications.

Analyze your Infrastructure, measure impact:

- System: Availability, Performance, Speed and Capacity.
- Identify root causes and performance bottlenecks.
- Mitigate risk of unplanned system downtime.

Through your own "what if" user and data scenarios, utilize the power of data driven decision making.

Attend this webinar to learn how you can benefit from the use of IT Operations Analytics in your SAP Landscape.  Turn insight into action by using data driven decisions for your IT investments and infrastructure strategies.