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Asia’s Next Top ERP

Digital Transformation for business growth

The changes in the ERP of the future must support new business models and new business processes; while at the same time be easy to handle, both with respect to the user interface as well as the user experience.

First things first – Optimise your ERP

ERP systems are one of the key, but often one of oldest applications running in enterprises today.  Digitalization and the Internet of things, brings organizations an opportunity to access and utilize more data to understand their customer insights than ever before.

Solution Overview

Planning and investment in your ERP are important factors in order to select the necessary technologies that can be used to meet future challenges. However to access these insights via cloud, on-premise or hybrid IT landscapes increasingly require the diverse use of different technologies.


Live Webinar Duration: 30 min (incl. Q&A)

APJ_portrait-ShirYee.jpg Shir Yee Wong, Sales Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan
APJ_portrait-Tim.jpg Tim Oehme, Solution Architect, Asia Pacific & Japan