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BW Fitness Test

Maximize BW Performance

Minimize your cost

Save your time



Improve your system´s performance.



Recognize & remedy problems preemptively.



Comparison with 150+ 
250+ systems

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These customers rely on DataVard to keep their BW in top condition:

„The DataVard BW Fitness Test prepared us excellently to make our SAP BW fit for the future. We now manage our aged data with nearline storage and improved our load performance“

logo-randstadSteffen Müsel, Manager Development & Integration Randstad Deutschland GmbH

DataVard BW Fitness Test

SAP® BW in Topform

Current trends, the likes of Big Data and in-memory computing have resulted in many enterprises comprehensively investing in their BI landscape. We recommend securing your investment by conducting a precise AS-IS analysis. Identifying your current systems strengths and weaknesses thereby enables a risk and benefit assessment of new technology. DataVard BW Fitness Test supports you by comparing your systems' performance, data growth, data quality and activity with over 150 others.


Harness optimization potential

DataVard BW Fitness Test analyses over 70 key indicators, identifying potential for optimization thus bringing your system into top form.


Straight forward

Our experienced consultants are on hand to ensure a smooth and fast implementation.


Exceptional value

We are proud of the fact, tangible value that exceeds the investment; that our BW Fitness Test generates.

It´s that easy!

Clear & actionable recommendations for better performance

DataVard BW Fitness Test provides a comprehensive analysis of your SAP®-Systems. The combination of automated in depth analysis and detailed benchmarking reveals quick and clear improvement suggestions. Hence you achieve a recognizable increase in your systems' performance and stability. This is just a sneak peak (brief overview) of the potential awaiting you with SAP® BW 7.30/31, Aggregates, Layered Scalable Architecture, semantic & logic partitioning and SAP® HANA.

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